What is an IVR manager

IVR Manager Stands on four main below given options:

i).Main Menu.
ii).IVR Tree.
iii).Voice File Management.
iv).Place Advertisement File.

Main Menu:

Main menu has an option that helps you to defining your Voice files into sub menus with number of times you want them to be played on the defined extensions.

We allow our customers to play one voice file ninety nine times.

IVR Tree:

IVR Tree gives you the complete detail of the voice files you've set with their names and with the details of the extensions on which you've defined them to be played.

Voice File Management:

Voice file management helps you in uploading your Voice files as well as it helps to listen to the Voice mails of the callee by whom you were called.

Place Advertisement File:

Place Advertisement file option gives you an authority to upload your Voice files but it should be according to this format ".wav" files, 16 bit 8000 Hz Mono else your file would not be uploaded.

You can also remove the useless voice files by using this option too.