Virtualphoneline Billing

This is how VirtualPhoneLine? Billing works:


All the invoices are made 5 days before the Billing Cycle Date

A cycle date is the date, when you purchase the phone number, ie if you purchased it on 15th of March, the Cycle date will be 15th

If you purchase it on 29th of Feb, the cycle date will be 28th

If you purchased it on 31'st the cycle date will be 30th


The customer gets reminders of the due amount of that Phone Number starting 5 day before the Cycle date.

Auto Suspension:

The Phone number is suspended 1 day before the Cycle Date

Auto Termination:
The Phone Number is Terminated 1 day after the Cycle Date

Billing Conversion:?
You can convert your monthly billing to annual.

If you do not wish to continue the number, and do not wish to pay for it, go to My Numbers page, and click on remove number, and choose to remove on the cycle / due date, and the billing of that number will stop , and number will be removed on the due date.