Virtual PBX

You can ring your virtual number on your Virtual PBX or Digital Receptionist.

To use Virtual PBX service, click 'My Numbers', then click on your desired number. Click on 'Change Ringto'.

A service 'Virtual PBX' is seen on the change ring to page.

Select the service and click submit.

Click on 'Features'.

Click on Virtual PBX / Settings.

On this page you will see your phone numbers which are currently using the PBX service. Click on 'Settings' to configure your PBX for this number.

On this page, you need to first select the IVR from the drop down list. This IVR (voice file: wav) will be played, as your Virtual Number receives the call. You can upload IVR files by clicking on 'IVR Management'.

You need to provide numbers and their titles on which call will be forwarded on pressed Digit by user. Click on 'Save Settings' to save your configurations.

For example: Dial '0', Title 'Operator', Ring on Number '15670000000'. As, the user presses the '0' digit, after listening to IVR, the call will be forwarded to '15670000000'. Please note, these calls will be charged on the basis of your talk time or Calling Plans.