Try Free

What is Try Free:

The Try Free function of Virtual Phone Line allows you to have a FREE number which you can use to receive calls.

You can receive calls on SIP, IAx2, MSN, Google Talk, yahoo or Skype (in some cases)

You can also forward the number to any USA and Canada TOLL FREE number is 18005558355 at no charge.

This is so that you can see how the site and the service actually works, before you pay for it.

Try Free FAQ:

How Long is the Number free for?
The Free number is from 1 to 25 days, you will see the exact qty of free days on the Try Free Page.

Can I Buy the Free Number ?
Yes you can go to the Number Info page and buy the number from that page.

Can I ring the number to my mobile Phone ?

No we do not allow the numbers to ring on general normal phone lines, as this result's into abuse, However if you are a corporate customer, and are interested in over 50 numbers, you can contact customer service with the ring to number and they may allow you to test on PSTN also.

From this page you can get a free number for you to try the service.

Choose one of the number from the list and click on the try link in front of the number.

You will be directed to the page below.

Click on continue