Now Virtualphoneline allows you to forward your calls on your Skype ID similar to Skype's Skype In Service - Or Skype Online Number service.

The advantage is that you can get more countries from Virtual Phone Line, which are not currently even available from it self.

You can signup on virtual phone line for a free trial number to experience this feature.

How to get a number on Skype?

Kindly follow the following steps to forward your calls to Skype

Please log on to your account

Go to My numbers and then select view all my numbers link

You will now see all the list of your numbers which are in your account

Please select the number you wanted to forward at your Skype and then click on the desired number

It will be then routed you to the link where you can select the Skype button and write down your Skype ID and then press submit button

There you go; Now all the calls on that particular number will be coming directly on your SKYPE!

Watch Video, How you can receive calls on your Skype ID.