Refer a Friend

From Your Virtual Phone Line account you can refer a friend and you can get the $2 Bonus Credit.

There are two parties involved in this.

i). Person who refers.
ii). The person who is referred to join the service.

You can refer your friends and family to join Virtual Phone Line by following these steps.

i). Login to your account and on the bottom of the home page you will find the option of refer a friend.

ii). Click on it, It will open a page of referring your friends,There it will show you two options the first is individual invite and the second is of sending invitations in bulk.__

iii).You can send an invitation to an individual but putting his name and email address as well as the personal message If you wish to send the message with the invitation.
NOTE: (Your given email add should match with your Virtual Phone Line account email add)

iv). However If you would like, You can send bulk invitations from the refer a friend’s option by selecting your messenger type then its username and password and the system will automatically show you all the contacts which are present inside your email box.

v). You can also remove the persons whom you don’t want to be invited.

Once your friend did the sign up on Virtual Phone Line and added the funds inside his account the system will automatically allot you the $2 bonus Credit inside your account.