Public Profile

Users can now make their public profile, to be visible to anyone, whether they are also using Virtual Phone Line service or not.

To enable public profile, login to your account and click on 'Profile' from top menu.

Under 'Public Profile', and check the box with the words 'Enable Profile'. This will enable your public profile URL to be seen by anyone.

To turn on/off the displayed stuff, put a check on the items you would like to share or not share in your public profile URL.

1. Picture: an image of yours uploaded in Profile.
2. Location: will show the country you associate yourself with.
3. My Numbers: will show all the numbers you have purchased or taken for free trial.
4. Dialer: will show a telephone dialer, which can be used to call any number you have purchased or taken as free trial.
5. Your voicemails (check the box if you want to display your voicemails as public audio blog)

This is a free service.
How to access your Profile URL ?
Your public profile can be accessed with this URL (only if you have purchased a number or taken a free trial number) of your purchased number.

For example, if you have purchased a number 15670001234, then your profile can be accessed with this URL as follows:
Any of your purchased numbers, can be used to access your public profile.

Alternatively, you can choose a profile user name. To choose a user name, go to Profile section.
After choosing your profile, your URL will look like

Your blog URL would be