Login Authentication Check

URL: http://www.virtualphoneline.com/webservice/CFMSSignInAPI.wsdl

Method: CFMSSignInCheck (UserID, Pass)

UserID: Numeric Account ID or the email address registered with virtualphoneline.com

Pass: MD5 Encrypted Password

Return Type: String

Return Values:

Upon successfull authentication, the method will return a numeric Account No., else "-1" would be returned.
Example Code:


try {
$client = new SoapClient("http://virtualphoneline.com/webservice/CFMSSignInAPI.wsdl", array('trace' => true, 'exceptions' => true/*, 'classmap' => $classmap*/));
} catch (SoapFault $exception) {
echo $client->__getLastRequest();
echo $client->__getLastResponse();