How to upload documents for the Virtual numbers which required documents

You can upload your required documents for the number by following these below given steps:

i). lo-gin to your account and please click on the buy numbers option given inside your account.

ii). Put the the area code there on the Phone number box (for example: 65) it will show you the country name with area code, Click on the search button and the system will automatically show you the list of numbers that are available on the portal for sale.

iii). Please click on the monthly charges option which is aligned with your desired number it will open a page on which you need to fill out some required information.

iv). Please complete the information Such as:
a). Full Name.
b). Complete Address.
c). Contact No.
d). Required Document No.
e). Required Document Detail.

iv). After filling the required information please click on the choose file option which is just below on that page the system will open a new window from which you can select the required document which is present inside your computer.

v). Select the file and as the file got selected from the system please click on “Add this number to Cart”.

Once you’re done with the above given last step now the documents department will check your given documents and will allocate the number inside your account with 2 to 12 hours.