How to receive calls on Skype

Please follow these below mentioned steps to receive your calls on Skype.

i). Lo-gin to your account, Click on the “View all my numbers option” which is given under “My numbers option”.

ii). As you will click on “View all my numbers” option it will open a page where you can see the all available numbers in your account then click on the desired number through which you want to receive calls on Skype.

iii). As you will click on the desired number it open a window with many options, click on the “change forwarding” option just aligned with “current forwarding settings”.

iv) Click on it, It will open a new page from there please select the Skype from the different below given options. Please put your Skype name under the “Change forwarding to” option then please click on submit.

By following the above given steps you can receive your call on Skype.


Video will show you how you can receive calls on your Skype