How to add funds using Paypal payment mode

If you’re choosing Paypal payment mode then it would be more easy for you to pay directly inside your account but you’ve to remember that below given information must match with your Paypal account for the verification.

i) Emails of both Paypal and Virtual Phone Line account should be the same as of Paypal and Virtual Phone Line’ account.
ii) Residential address should be the same as given over to Paypal and Virtual Phone Line account.
iii)Phone numbers of both Virtual Phone Line’s account and Paypal should match also.

If the given information is not according to your Virtual Phone Line's account information then please contact the administration for updating it.

Please follow the below given steps to add funds via Paypal.

i). Login to your account then click on the add funds option under the Billing's option then it will bring you to main page for adding funds.

ii). Check out with Paypal would be the option for using paypal payment mode.