How can I activate my profile 100 percent

When you signed up on Virtual Phone Line there are some major steps which you need to follow in order to complete your profile. In that way you will also get familiar with the whole system by following them.

Please follow given below steps to complete your profile:

i). At first when you are done with the sign up, Your profile is completed 40% already.

ii). Now you need to add Credit Card information inside your account to add funds, The profile completion will increase another 20%.

iii). When you’re done with adding funds, you need to buy the the number from your Virtual Phone Line account. This will add 20% more to your profile.

iv).After forwarding the number which you have bought from Virtual Phone Line to any carrier, you will complete the last 20%.

These steps would help you to walk through the whole system. Congratulations you have completed your profile and you will not receive notifications again in the future.