Gizmo Project

Gizmo Project is a software and service by

It offers free SIP accounts and software to make and receive free peer to peer calls.

This is to show that the calls from our network to a public sip service works fine, and if a provided number is not working for you, then you need to fix something at your end.

The following will show how to make a Virtualphoneline number work on your GizmoProject?.com ID.

" Go to and download the software.
" Login to your Virtualphoneline account, and click on My Numbers.

" Click under the Ring To address of your number.

" Select SIP PHONE and write your Gizmo Project/ Sip Phone ID address

" For example if Gizmo ID is , just write Virtualphoneline.
" Call your virtual number.
" Your Gizmo project should ring

Watch Video, How you can forward the calls to your Gizmo ID sip phone.