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VirtualPhoneLine? now offers Fax service via which you will be able to recieve faxes on your virtualnumber purchased via us

Once you are logged in under your account, click on My Number => View all my numbers

On this page click on the number on which you would like to recieve faxes on, A new page will be there allowing you to select Fax as option and click on Submit

Now you will be able to recieve Faxes on your virtual number which can be checked via My Number => My Faxes section

In case of any question or queries; please make us a ticket via Email Us Section

First you need to login to your account. After logged into your account, click on My number >>> View All my numbers.

Example screenshot is below:

Then you will see a new page where you can see your numbers and their details. For enable your fax service, just click at any of your phone number's "Ring to number" where you want to receive fax. you can see the example below.

On the next page you will click on the "FAX" to activate your fax service then click submit. See the below Example:


Now you can receive fax at your virtual number. Enjoy!