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What is Golden Number

What is an IVR manager

How many maximum numbers you can buy

What is the better choice to buy numbers by month or annually

How to add funds using Paypal payment mode

How to remove a number from your Account

How to enable my virtual number to receive faxes

How to check the incoming fax

FAX Billing

How to receive calls on Gtalk

How to receive calls on Skype

How to receive calls on Gizmo Project ID

How to enable or disable call recording service

www.virtualphoneline.com" href='tiki-index.php?page=How+to+used+Google+Talk+ID+to+login+in+www.virtualphoneline.com' class='wiki'>How to used Google Talk ID to login in www.virtualphoneline.com

How to upload documents for the Virtual numbers which required documents

How to check Unlimited Plan remaining minutes

How to check and download recorded calls

Can I get virtual numbers without having the local address

How to forward calls on cell phone or landline PSTN numbers

how to check the price of any giving city or country


Pakistan related issues

My payment authorized but did not added in my account

Can I transfer Talk Time balance

Why charges for forwarding to pakistan is very expensive

What IP should I add to receive the calls.I mean from which IP will the calls come from

What is your Return Policy?

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  • External Program Integration:
Receive Calls on your Virtual Phone Line via SIP
Receive Calls on your Virtual Phone Line via Google Talk
Receive Calls on your Virtual Phone Line via MSN Messenger?
Receive Calls on your Virtual Phone Line via Yahoo Messenger?

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