Can I get virtual numbers without having the local address

No, In order to get virtual numbers you need to have local address.

According to law of certain countries, local numbers can not be purchased without a local address in that country.You can still however buy certain area codes from these countries that are allowed to be used without a local address.

Apart from that you could also check the listing of the Prefix with their specific document requirement when you purchase the Virtual Numbers.


1305: Photo ID and address of end user.

35321,35351,35353,35371: Local Address Required and Photo ID required

Greece: Proof of address in Greece, can be any utility bill

31,35722,35723,35726: Please upload proof of local address and end-user identification (company or individual)

852: Please upload clear photocopy of end user current passport

France: Need Photo ID, Local address from the same city as the number is from, proof of address
(e.g any utility bill).If a company please provide KBIS.

Japan: Passport Copy

Switzerland: Valid address for Switzerland and Local Passport copy for end user

China: Shanghai local Address, Customer ID copy if personal use. If it is business use, copy of the
business license

Hong Kong: Please provide passport and local address.

Germany: Passport Copy of the End User.

Singapore: Signed copy of passport.

4930,4969,4989: Along with the local address vendor needs to know the details of the end user company as this
will be Checked against the register of companies. In the case of the end user,being an
individual, they will have to state their date of birth.

603,612,617,618: Please submit photocopy of End Users Valid passport Id Card and a copy of utility bill for proof
of name

65: Following Text Documents are also needed along with the copy passport and Utility bill: Name
Home and Office Phone number Work and Home Address Purpose of Using this number.

Malaysia,Australia,New Zealand,Singapore: End user Passport and Address

France: Need Local French address & copy of photo ID of end user

852: Please provide passport and local address.

Germany: Please provide local address which has to be from the same city, where the number is from
and Valid ID Card / Passport Copy.

Singapore: Customer Name, Address, Number, and Passport copies

Chile,China,Bulgaria,Bahrain: End user Passport and address.

Algeria: Please provider Passport copies from any where and End user contact deals.

Singapore: Customer Name, Address, Number, and Passport copies.

9242,9255,9261: Local Lahore National Identity Card with local Lahore address for Lahore DID,and the
same document requirement for Multan and Gujranwala.